Leaders in industrial electronic product design, TK Systems has an extensive history of industrial product design from concept to final product.-TK Systems

Industrial Design

TK Systems has an extensive history of industrial product design from concept to final product.

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      Printed Circuit Board Design
TK Systems specialises in the design of Printed Circuit Boards and can manufacture complete PCB assemblies to exact customer specifications.

SOILSPEC Tensiometer Soil Moisture Monitoring Systems

 is manufactured and marketed worldwide by TK Systems

The SOILSPEC System is a soil moisture measuring tool used in agriculture to optimize farmers irrigation and minimise water usage. The product was designed from concept to final product, including the hand-held gauge unit and soil moisture probes. It also includes PC software for data storage and analysis. The SOILSPEC System was designed in conjunction with the Victorian Department of Agriculture.

         More information regarding this product can be found at  http://soilspec.com.au  
Ceramic Tensiometer Tips

 TK Systems' Ceramic Tensiometer Tips - as used in our SOILSPEC Tensiometer Tubes, for agricultural purposes, and at scientific research stations -  have an  approximate water absorption rate of 12%.
                                 Charge Mate ChargeMate

 Charge Mate is an add on module to Electric Wheelchairs and Golf Buggies. The Charge   Mate offers two USB charging ports and a 12V outlet. This innovative product, that gives   further independence to wheelchair dependent people, was designed by TK Systems.   This product can be configured to meet mounting and wiring needs.

                                              Wiring Looms & Cable Assemblies                                      WiringLooms1
 TK Systems designs and manufactures wiring looms and cable assemblies to customer     specifications. 


                             Wireless Beacons
 TK Systems has extensive in house design capabilities for wireless control and data acquisition.


                                                                      Heating and Cooling Solutions                                 
TK Systems has designed an award winning solar heating/cooling unit. Apart from the mechanical   design, TK Systems designed the electronic control system hardware, software and user interface for the   room thermostat. 

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